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CarDust 1.2 for Android available!

This new version features:

  • now defunct OpenFeint replaced by Scoreloop: ghost racing, leaderboards and achievements enabled again!
  • 3 different cameras: bird eye, chopper chase and isometric
  • 4 different steering modes: classic, halves, and two accelerometer-based
  • now both PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE race modes to choose from
  • several minor fixes.

The update is available for the full CarDust Android version, in both Google Play and (new!) Samsung Apps stores. Have fun!

The CarDust update 1.1 is available!

Released on the 1st of July, it includes:

  • rebuilt physics to provide for a much smoother learning curve
  • two new difficulty levels, EASY and MEDIUM, providing a casual driving experience for unexperienced players
  • the HARD level remains for those who enjoy a true challenge
  • an extended help system covering many aspects of the game (use the HELP button)
  • new Handling Difficulty meter, showing how challenging the selected car-track combination is
  • various fixes including better button scaling for greater resolutions.

The update is available for iOS and Android, for both Full and Free versions of the game.

Leave 'em in the dust!

Car racing at its dirtiest - hop into your vehicle and challenge opponents to a no-holds-barred competition on a post-apocalyptic racetrack of your choosing. CarDust puts no premium on fair play but encourages you to grab every opportunity to gain an edge on your competition. Reckless driving and physics-bending powerups come together to offer an addictive casual gaming experience.